Volunteer Match

ACTrees relies on the support and engagement of volunteers across the U.S. who are dedicated to planting and caring for trees in their neighborhoods and on city streets.  If you want to volunteer, connect with an ACTrees members organization or with others in our network.

Volunteer Through ACTrees Network

ACTrees has a broad network of member organizations and partners across the U.S. that are engaged in local tree planting activities as well as ongoing tree maintenance and care.  You can also volunteer to help these organizations in other ways to educate about the value of trees in communities and promote the expansion of urban forests.

To find a group and volunteer, get a list of ACTrees member organizations near you.  Or, check out ACTrees “Who’s Who in Your State” to find a local organization in our network that may be in your neighborhood. Just tell them you want to volunteer to support trees.

Use a National Volunteer Registry

Use the Volunteer Match registry for a listing of local environmental activities, including tree planting and care, where you can volunteer. Visit the Volunteer Center.