About Community Groves℠

CommunityGroves_Color_MSOffice_white_bkgrndAt a time when over 90% of the U.S. population lives in urbanized areas, far too many communities suffer from limited access to fresh, healthful, affordable food. ACTrees launched Community Groves℠ to offer a new path to improve the health and livability of neighborhoods: planting, maintaining, and harvesting fruit and nut trees.

Healthy trees make healthy communities, and Community Groves℠ demonstrates that the urban forest can play a critical role in community agriculture. Any local nonprofit or group of individuals can start a Community Groves℠ project. Planting small orchards of fruit and nut trees will provide fresh food, educate residents about nutrition and agriculture, bring neighbors together, and revitalize vacant or derelict urban lands.

ACT_CommunityGroves_Guidebook_Cover_for_WebCommunity Groves℠ Guidebook

The Community Groves℠ Guidebook offers a roadmap and resources for bringing the amazing benefits of trees to any neighborhood. It’s designed to help nonprofits, community leaders, and residents plan, establish, and maintain fruit and nut tree orchards. Download the Guidebook, or view it online. Many local organizations are already planting fruit and nut trees. Find out how to get involved near you.

Local Case Studies

If you’re looking for inspiration, check out the case studies from last year’s successful and innovative Community Groves℠ projects:

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