Community Groves℠ Grants

CommunityGroves_Color_MSOffice_white_bkgrndAt a time when over 90% of the U.S. population lives in urbanized areas, far too many communities suffer from limited access to fresh, healthful, and affordable food. Alliance for Community Trees launched Community Groves℠ to offer a new path to improve the health and livability of neighborhoods through planting, maintaining, and harvesting fruit and nut trees.

Community Groves℠ demonstrates that the urban forest can play a critical role in urban agriculture. Community Groves℠ of fruit and nut trees will provide fresh food, educate residents about nutrition and agriculture, bring neighbors together, and revitalize vacant or derelict urban lands.

Support for Community Groves℠ grants is provided in part by the US Forest Service’s Urban and Community Forestry Program. “Planting fruit and nut trees is an effective urban practice for creating greener and healthier communities,” said Janette Davis, Assistant Director for Urban and Community Forestry at the USDA Forest Service. “Community Groves℠ is a powerful national program that connects urban forestry and community agriculture.”

2014 Community Groves℠ Grants
Community Groves℠ Grants provide funding to help local organizations grow fruit and nut trees. In 2014, ACTrees is pleased to offer 12 grants nationwide up to $2,500 for ACTrees members to plant Community Groves℠ in their communities. Grants require a 1:1 non-federal match. Learn more about 2014 Community Groves℠ Grants Recipients.

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