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In the charge to create clean air, green streets, and healthy neighborhoods, it’s easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget to reflect on what we’ve accomplished. So, during the course of the year, we like to pause to celebrate milestones. We see a lot of best practices and replicable models, and offer these awards and honors to celebrate some of our favorites.

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Trees for Healthy Homes Award

The award recognizes cities/counties for improving the environmental health and livability of affordable housing through investments in trees and urban forest stewardship. The goal is to recognize and promote the utilization of trees as a tool to improve the health of low-income residents’ home environment. ACTrees will recognize as many applicants as are meritorious. We appreciate the work you do to earn this special recognition and your additional efforts to maintain such high standards.
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Public Service Medal

The Public Service Medal is awarded to that public leader who has worked most ardently to integrate trees into local, state, or national communities. The recognition is open to any elected or appointed public official whose efforts have made a contribution to urban forestry by improving community trees and the neighborhoods which they are in.
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Volunteer of the Year

This honor recognizes volunteers who model the ideals of stewardship, giving, professionalism, and leadership. We encourage all ACTrees members to take advantage of this opportunity to nationally recognize outstanding local volunteers. Finalists are announced after NeighborWoods™ Month, with the Volunteer of the Year recognized at ACTrees Policy Summit.
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25 Greenest Communities Recognition

Annually, ACTrees recognizes the 25 healthiest/most livable communities across the U.S., Canada, and Mexico. The resulting City Health and Livability Index is a comparison of the overlaps between greenspace/canopy cover and the following: air pollution, noise pollution, green jobs, stormwater management, rooftop and ground-level temperatures, retail sales, automotive accidents and fatalities, traffic congestion and safety, and public health measures such as childhood obesity rates, asthma incidences, and crime.
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