2014 Health Communities Grant Program

Initial Project Summaries due: April 24, 2014
Full Proposals due: June 13, 2014

The Healthy Communities Grant Program is EPA New England’s main competitive grant program to work directly with communities to reduce environmental risks, protect and improve human health and improve the quality of life.

The Healthy Communities Grant Program will achieve this through identifying and funding projects that:

  • Target resources to benefit communities at risk [areas at risk from climate change impacts,
    areas impacted by stormwater run-off, environmental justice areas of potential concern, urban areas and sensitive populations (e.g. children, elderly, tribes, and others at increased risk)].
  • Assess, understand, and reduce environmental and human health risks.
  • Increase collaboration through community-based projects.
  • Build institutional and community capacity to understand and solve environmental and human health problems.
  • Advance emergency preparedness and resilience.
  • Achieve measurable environmental and human health benefits.

In order to qualify as eligible projects under the Healthy Communities Grant Program, proposed projects must meet several criteria including:(1) Be located in and/or directly benefit one or more of the Target Investment Areas; and (2) Identify how the proposed project will achieve measurable environmental and/or public health results in one or more of the Target Program Areas. Please see Section III for further information on eligibility requirements.

Target Investment Areas: Areas at Risk from Climate Change Impacts, Areas Impacted By Stormwater Run-off, Environmental Justice Areas of Potential Concern, Sensitive Populations, and/or Urban Areas

Target Program Areas: Capacity-Building on Environmental and Public Health Issues; Clean, Green and Healthy Schools; Community and Water Infrastructure Resilience; Healthy Indoor Environments; and/or
Healthy Outdoor Environments.

The Healthy Communities Grant Program anticipates awarding approximately 10 cooperative agreements in 2014 . Proposals may be submitted for amounts up to $25,000. Project periods may be for one or two years, starting no earlier than October 1, 2014.

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