Chesapeake Bay Stewardship Fund Small Watershed Grants

Deadline: June 3, 2011
The National Fish and Wildlife Foundation (NFWF) will award grants in partnership with the Chesapeake Bay Program, Environmental Protection Agency, US Forest Service and Altria, with additional funding support from FedEx. Grants of between $20,000 to $200,000 will be awarded to organizations and local governments working on a local level to protect and improve watersheds in the Chesapeake Bay basin, while building citizen-based resource stewardship. We anticipate awarding approximately $3 million in grants through this solicitation.

Each project must address at least one of the following conservation objectives:
Restoring and protecting vital habitats.
* Restore forests (e.g., riparian buffers, floodplain forests, upland forests) to improve benefits for wildlife habitat and water quality.
* Restore channelized and eroding streambanks that would improve in-stream fish habitat (esp., Eastern Brook Trout habitat) and reduce sediment loads.
* Restore fish passage to establish gains in aquatic habitat for diadramous fish, as measured by the presence of river herring, American shad and/or American eel.
* Restore, enhance or create tidal and non-tidal wetlands (e.g., forested wetlands, marshes, living shorelines, etc.) to maximize benefits for wildlife habitat and water quality.
* Permanently preserve forests, riparian corridors, wetlands and farmland, prioritizing lands that are critical for protecting wildlife habitat and water quality.
Improving conservation on private lands.
* Reduce nutrient and sediment runoff to the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries from working forests and farms.
* Enhance, restore the quality of, or create wetlands, streams, riparian buffers and forests on private lands.
Improving urban stormwater management.
* Implement low impact development (LID) practices and other innovative stormwater management practices to minimize the water quality impacts of new development, including practices on roads, streets, and highways.
* Retrofit existing development to retain stormwater on-site through stormwater management practices such as bioretention and rain water harvesting.
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