CNCS Invites Applications for Social Innovation Fund Competition

Deadline: April 8, 2010
The Corporation for National and Community Service has released a Notice of Federal Funds Availability for the newly created Social Innovation Fund (SIF). The SIF is specifically designed to promote public and private investments in effective nonprofit community organizations to help them replicate and expand to serve more low-income communities, create new knowledge about how to solve critical social challenges, and develop the grantmaking infrastructure necessary to support the work of social innovation in communities across the United States.

The SIF will channel funding through a network of intermediary organizations – existing grantmaking institutions or partnerships – that will host competitions within six months of the award to identify and fund nonprofit community organizations (subgrantees) working in the priority issue areas of Economic Opportunity, Youth Development and School Support, and Healthy Futures.
In Fiscal Year 2010, the corporation will award up to a total of $50 million in federal funding to approximately seven to ten intermediary organizations. The SIF award periods are up to five years, with funding provided in annual increments. Annual awards to intermediaries will be in the range of $1 million to $10 million each.
Successful intermediary applicants will have a strong track record of using rigorous evidence to select, invest in, support, and monitor the replication and expansion of their subgrantees; the capacity to conduct a competitive process for selecting innovative nonprofit community organizations with effective and potentially transformative approaches; expertise in one or more of the priority issue areas; and deep and broad relationships with stakeholders in one or more priority issue areas and/or specific geographic regions.
Applicants must demonstrate either cash-on-hand or commitments (or a combination thereof) toward meeting 50 percent of the first year matching funds, based on the amount of grant funds requested.
Letters of Intent to Apply are requested (but not required) by March 1, 2010. The application deadline is April 8, 2010.
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