Constellation Energy EcoStar Grants 2011

Deadline: March 10, 2011
Environmental stewardship is one of Constellation Energy’s foundational values. The EcoStar Grant program was launched in January 2010 to support environmental projects in five stewardship categories: pollution prevention, education and outreach, energy efficiency, conservation and community activism.

The 2010 EcoStar Awards supported 62 projects in 14 states, ranging from urban gardens and wetland restoration projects to innovative programs promoting energy efficiency and improved air quality, among many others. These grants represent another step that we are taking to link our employees with the communities in which they live and work.
Award Criteria
* Organization must be a 501(c)3 nonprofit, with a Board of Directors
* Grant range up to $5,000 each
* Note: Grant funds limited to maximum of 20% administration and office expenses (i.e., salaries, phone and postage)
* Applicants much include a project budget indicating how grant dollars will be spent
* The project must be located geographically within an area Constellation Energy does business
* Employee engagement is preferred but not required
Project should fit at least one of five environmental focus areas:
Pollution Prevention
* Recycling projects and drop-off collection events
* Tree plantings and maintenance to reduce CO2 emissions
* Litter reduction
* Workshops, seminars, training and/or public relations to inform and influence the public regarding environmental stewardship
Energy Efficiency
* Projects and/or partnerships that support large and small-scale energy conservation measures
* Wetlands restoration
* Wildlife/habitat protection
Community Activism
* Neighborhood, park clean-ups
* Create public green spaces, community gardens, urban forests

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