DDCF Energy Efficiency Retrofit Programs

Deadline: May 24, 2010
The DDCF Environment Program has issued a call for proposals on innovative, scalable strategies for energy efficiency retrofit programs or policies for the existing building stock in the U.S. DDCF will select from pre-proposals to invite full proposals for grants that will range from $100,000 to $350,000 each.

Buildings account for 40% of energy use, making this sector the single largest contributor to carbon dioxide emissions in the U.S. The buildings sector is an attractive target not only because it represents the single largest source of carbon emissions, but also because it offers one of the least costly options for greenhouse gas abatement.
Despite the low costs of some efficiency measures, progress in this sector has been difficult because of market failures and other barriers. Given the large size of the existing building stock in the U.S., new programs and policies to accomplish energy efficiency retrofits of buildings at scale will be just as important as ensuring that new buildings are constructed well.
DDCF seeks to fund innovative, scalable solutions to the barriers that have impeded efficiency improvements in existing buildings in the U.S. Funding priorities include, but are not limited to, the following:
* Sustainable and scalable business models for implementing energy efficiency retrofits;
* Policies or programs that seek to advance aggregation of disparate or fragmented opportunities in energy efficiency retrofits to increase the energy savings potential;
* Innovative financing models and other mechanisms to ease upfront costs of making efficiency improvements or increase the attractiveness of investments in energy efficiency;
* Policies or programs to secure greater energy efficient performance in buildings such as through benchmarking (at the time of sale or through other trigger mechanisms) or improved operations and management;
* Policies or programs to drive deep energy efficiency retrofits in existing buildings;
* Policies or programs to address split incentives; and
* Mechanisms to increase the effectiveness of and property owner participation in state, local, utility-sponsored, or privately-sponsored energy efficiency programs (proposed partnerships between such programs and applicants for DDCF support are encouraged).
Proposals may be targeted to any particular barrier or segment of the buildings market (e.g., office, commercial, institutional, retail, residential, single-family, or multi-family). Research to help formulate programs or policies to address barriers is eligible as long as the path to implementation or adoption is clear. Please note that no grant funds can be used for lobbying activities.
Grant Details
Individual grants from DDCF will range from $100,000 to $350,000. Projects may be 12 to 24 months in duration. A project’s total budget may exceed $350,000 if co-funding is available for the remainder. DDCF will award up to a total of $3 million in grants.
Applicants must be U.S. nonprofit organizations with approved IRS 501c3 status. Submittal of full proposals is by invitation only.
In addition to the quality of the proposed project, as well as the qualifications of an organization and its demonstrated experience, projects will be reviewed using three criteria:
* The likelihood of the proposed project to be implemented or adopted;
* The potential direct impact of the proposed project (i.e., amount of energy savings); and
* The potential to scale the project’s model to the state or federal level or, if it is locally-based, to many localities.
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