ESRI Donation Program

Deadline: Rolling
ESRI has teamed with TechSoup Stock to make a number of its ArcGIS geographic information system (GIS) software products available to U.S. nonprofits and public libraries. The basic ESRI product is ArcView desktop GIS, accompanied by an eight-module online training course and two textbooks. ESRI has also made several additional ArcGIS products available to organizations that can demonstrate a need for the products’ specific capabilities.

* ArcEditor Software and Training (Admin Fee: $335): GIS advanced core software and training.
* ArcGIS Publisher (Admin Fee: $225): Maps from ArcView and ArcEditor in a format similar to a PDF for easy viewing.
* ArcGIS Network Analyst (Admin Fee: $225): Network-based special analysis extension to ArcView or ArcEditor.
* ArcPad (Admin Fee: $115): GIS software for mobile devices.
Though this donation is offered to most types of organizations, it is not suitable for all. ArcGIS is very sophisticated software that requires a high degree of expertise. To learn about lower-end applications that might prove adequate for your purposes, see the articles in the Relevant TechSoup Articles and Discussions box below.
Eligible organizations may request two copies of ArcView and ArcPad and any number of other ESRI products per fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). These requests need not be made at the same time. All products are licensed for one user and must be installed and activated on only one computer. Consult the eligibility and restrictions page to review your organization’s eligibility to participate in this program.
(Note: These are single-user versions. Organizations that already own concurrent-user versions of any ESRI software will not be able to use the products offered here with their concurrent-user versions. Further, on a given computer, no single-user product can be used at the same time as any concurrent-user product.)
ESRI will provide one year of product support to recipients of this donation. Following that, organizations have the option to purchase further support from ESRI or terminate the support agreement and use the product without support.
How Organizations Can Use GIS:
The ESRI Web site has many examples of how GIS applies to various industries. In the left column of each industry page is a User Showcase section with a Case Studies link that lists stories about using GIS. Organizations whose work falls into one of these general areas can read the stories to see if GIS could further their mission. Here are a few examples of what organizations have used GIS to show:
* The potential impact of 2-meter and 4-meter sea level rises on the population and infrastructure of southern Florida
* The distribution of infectious diseases in an urban area
* Airport noise impacts on proposed schools
* Accessible park and recreation facilities per capita
Free Data:
To supplement the extensive data provided with ArcView, ESRI also provides free online access to thousands of spatial data sets at The Geography Network and ArcGIS Online.
Free Add-ons:
The ArcScripts website contains thousands of free user-created extensions, tools, and add-ons for any ESRI product.
Another Way to Get ESRI Products:
Nonprofit organizations that don’t meet ESRI’s eligibility criteria or that have already received the maximum number of donated ESRI products through TechSoup Stock are invited to examine ESRI’s Conservation Program, which uses a different process and different eligibility requirements but is also open to all nonprofits, conservation oriented or not. K-12 schools of any type that are interested in GIS, regardless of TechSoup eligibility, are also invited to join the ESRI Education Community
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