FishAmerica Foundation and NOAA Habitat Restoration Grants

Deadline: May 17, 2010
The American Sportfishing Association’s FishAmerica Foundation invites proposals for citizen-driven habitat restoration projects under its partnership with the NOAA Community-based Restoration Program.

The partnership requests proposals for local efforts to accomplish meaningful on-the-ground restoration of marine, estuarine, and riparian habitats, including salt marshes, seagrass beds, mangrove forests, and freshwater habitats important to anadromous fish species (fish like salmon and striped bass that migrate to and from the sea). Emphasis is on using a hands-on, grassroots approach to restore fisheries habitat across coastal America, the Great Lakes region, and U.S. Territories of the Caribbean.
Projects must result in the implementation of locally-driven habitat restoration projects that emphasize stewardship and yield ecological and socioeconomic benefits. These projects must clearly demonstrate significant benefits to marine, estuarine, or anadromous fisheries resources, particularly sportfish, and should involve community participation through an educational or volunteer component tied to the restoration activities.
A portion of the total available grant funds will be dedicated to projects that further NOAA’s Open Rivers Initiative. These projects must remove dams and other river barriers, in order to benefit living marine and coastal resources, particularly diadromous fish.
Nonprofit 501c3 organizations such as local sporting clubs and conservation associations, educational institutions, and local and state governments may apply for funding. Applicants may utilize an eligible nonprofit fiscal sponsor for the project.
The funders anticipate the availability of approximately $1 million in total funding; approximately $200,000 of the available funding will be dedicated specifically to projects furthering NOAA’s Open Rivers Initiative. Sub-awards will range between $10,000 and $75,000 per project.
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