Home Depot Foundation Affordable Housing Built Responsibly Grant

Deadline: July 1, 2010
The Home Depot Foundation supports nonprofit organizations dedicated to creating and preserving healthy, affordable homes as the cornerstone of sustainable communities. The foundation’s goal is for all families to have the opportunity to live in healthy, efficient homes they can afford over the long-term; to have access to safe, vibrant parks and greenspaces; and to receive the economic, social, and environmental benefits of living in a sustainable community.

Through the Affordable Housing Built Responsibly grant program, the foundation administers millions of dollars in grants each year to nonprofit organizations whose missions align with the foundation’s interests. To better support its mission, the foundation awards most of its grants by directly soliciting proposals from high-performing nonprofit organizations with the demonstrated ability to create strong partnerships, impact multiple communities, and leverage grant resources. In order to identify potential future nonprofit partners or respond to unique community revitalization opportunities, a limited amount of unsolicited grant funding is set aside to be awarded through a competitive process.
Preference is given to proposals that include community engagement that results in the production, preservation, or financing of housing units for low- to moderate-income families. The most promising proposals incorporate a number of “green” building design practices.
The foundation makes grants only to 501c3 tax-exempt public charities in the United States and to charitable organizations in Canada.
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