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Healthy Environments aims to improve the health and well being of vulnerable children from low-income families by making the places they live, learn, and play safe and supportive of overall good health. Funding priorities are clean air, safe and healthy housing and schools, and safe, accessible, and inviting outdoor play spaces- all advanced with community engagement, citizen leadership and cross-sector alliances.

They recognize the serious impediments to good health that at-risk children face simply because of where they live, attend school, and attempt to play. The air they breathe- both indoors and out, at home and at school- is frequently contaminated or polluted because their neighborhoods are often situated near smokestacks, major transportation thoroughfares and other pollution-generators. Their homes are more likely to contain higher levels of lead, dust, mold and pests because the structures tend to be older. And, particularly in urban areas, their parks and playgrounds are often considered unsafe due to high levels of crime, violence and intimidation. These social conditions inhibit outdoor physical activity which can, in turn, contribute to adverse health outcomes.
How we work
Healthy Environments supports regional and statewide efforts to improve the health outcomes of vulnerable children and their families by funding highly promising, evidence-based projects and programs that have the potential to achieve broad change through replication or increased scale. Projects should also demonstrate and document how environmental hazards are reduced or prevented.
True change can only be accomplished with genuine community engagement and leadership supported by research and advocacy. We also understand that to achieve enduring change, regulatory agencies must become partners; their role in monitoring abuses, conducting investigations and formulating policy is essential.
Our funding process
Healthy Environments supports discrete projects that can be completed in one to three years and require limited, well-defined levels of funding. Projects should be responsive to the needs of vulnerable populations, engage the community, demonstrate leadership and innovation, and utilize an evidence-based approach. Interested applicants are invited to submit online a letter of inquiry application.
The size and duration of awards will vary based upon the nature and scope of proposed projects. Grantseekers may request funds ranging from $100,000 to $750,000 for project periods of up to three years. Organizations also may also choose to apply for a one-year strategic planning grant.
If you have questions, contact the Grants Inquiry Coordinator at 248-643-9630.
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