Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant

Deadline: August 27, 2011
This year’s Regional Planning Grant program will encourage grantees to support regional planning efforts that integrate housing, land-use, economic and workforce development, transportation, and infrastructure developments in a manner that empowers regions to consider how all of these factors work together to bring economic competitiveness and revitalization to a community.

The program will place a priority on partnerships, including the collaboration of arts and culture, philanthropy, and innovative ideas to the regional planning process. Recognizing that areas are in different stages of sustainability planning, HUD will establish two funding categories for the Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant program.
* Group 1 Funds: Can be used to support the preparation of Regional Plans for sustainable development.
* Group 2 Funds: Can be used to support efforts to modify existing regional plans so that they are in accordance with the Partnership for Sustainable Communities’ six Livability Principles. Category 2 Funds also may be used to prepare more detailed execution plans for an adopted regional plan for sustainable development and limit predevelopment planning activities for catalytic projects.
An eligible applicant is a multijurisdictional and multi sector partnership consisting of a consortium of government entities and non-profit partners. Awarded funds range between $400,000 and $5,000,000.
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