The Office Depot Foundation Grants

Deadline: November 15, 2010
The Office Depot Foundation is pleased to work with organizations large and small to collaborate on programs and efforts that bring systemic change to the communities they serve. We thank you for the work you are doing in your local community. While we can not fund all the requests that come to us, we appreciate the opportunity to consider your grant proposal.

The Foundation’s funding focus includes:
* Making a Difference in Children’s Lives- to support activities that serve, teach and inspire children, youth and families.
* Building Communities- to support civic organizations and activities that serve the needs of our community.
* Disaster relief- to support disaster relief efforts of recognized national, regional and local agencies, and to provide disaster relief to Office Depot associates who have experienced catastrophic loss.
The Office Depot Foundation prefers to support programs rather than galas and similar events. Grant amounts will be a minimum of $50 and a maximum of $3,000. The majority of grants issued are in the vicinity of $1,000 and are supported by in-kind donations when inventory allows. The Office Depot Foundation will consider proposals from organizations related to disaster relief and recovery throughout the year.
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