The Pulling Together Initiative

Deadline: July 15, 2011
The Pulling Together Initiative seeks proposals from private non-profit (501)(c) organizations, local, county, and state government agencies that will help control invasive plant species, mostly through the work of public/private partnerships such as Cooperative Weed Management Areas.

Projects that take place in National Fish and Wildlife Foundation landscapes in coordination with federal agencies are strongly preferred: Eastern North America Early Succession Habitat, Prairie Coteau Grasslands, Sky Islands Grasslands, Gunnison sage-grouse habitat, Southeastern Grasslands, Shortgrass Prairie, Upper Colorado River, Chesapeake Bay Watershed.
Projects must prevent, manage, or eradicate invasive and noxious plants through a coordinated program of public/private partnerships and increase public awareness of the adverse impacts of invasive and noxious plants.
It is anticipated that the Pulling Together Initiative will award a total of $1.3 million this year. The average range of award amounts is typically $15,000-$75,000, with some exceptions.
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