Ways To Help Grants 2011

Deadline: December 1, 2011
What’s your issue? What’s important to you? Do you see something wrong and want to fix it? Today’s issues are a reflection of decisions we’ve made in the past. Tomorrow’s world will be a reflection of our decisions – and your leadership – today.

Being a leader starts with having an idea – a vision for how things should be -followed by the willingness to take action and inspire others to make a collective impact. So take action, tell us your ideas, apply for a grant and use your vision to inspire your friends and others to work with you. Be a leader! Change the world!!
Applicants must be no older than 19 years old on the day that they apply. It’s ok for the applicant(s) to work with others to develop and implement their ideas (in fact, its encouraged), but the original idea for the initiative must have been youth-initiated and must be youth-led. We will primarily fund ideas associated with our 16 issue areas (within the broader categories: Environment, Equality, Health, and Community) but we will also occasionally fund projects outside of those areas so feel free to apply with other great ideas.
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Ways To Help Grants