Wilburforce Foundation Grants 2011

Deadline: October
Wilburforce Foundation protects wildlife habitat in Western North America by actively supporting organizations and leaders advancing conservation solutions. The October round of applications will consider the following programs/regions: Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem, Southwest Crescent, Conservation Science.

Funding contributes to the following goals:
* Increase access to and use of scientific, legal, political, and economic information resources;
* Improve the efficiency and effectiveness of grantee organizations conservation leaders, and other allies;
* Increase communication, cooperation and collaboration among grantees, stakeholders, decision-makers and/or allies;
* Increase awareness, support and utilization of conservation policies, plans and practices that protect wildlife habitat;
* Decrease or mitigate threats to wildlife habitat;
* Improve the protected status of wildlife habitat;
* Improve the ecological resilience of the landscapes in which we work.
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