Help us reach out to policymakers at the federal level and in your states and communities to inform and encourage them to take action to protect and sustain community trees and urban forests.

In collaboration with public agencies, private organizations, and individuals, ACTrees seeks to influence public policies and research activities related to community trees and the health and well-being of communities. Our major issue areas include: climate, energy, and water; public health and safety; revitalization and green jobs; and transportation and infrastructure. Take a look at our policy priorities for 2014.


Help ACTrees shape public policy that protects, enhances, and sustains trees for the benefit of people and communities.


ACTrees advocates for a strong US Forest Service Urban & Community Forestry Program--add your support.


Public health and safety are tied to green neighborhoods.

Energy, Climate, Water

Energy efficiency, climate change, and water--they're all connected to trees.

Revitalization & Jobs

Invest in green jobs, affordable housing, and small businesses.

Transportation & Infrastructure

Green, tree-lined streets are safer, more energy efficient, and healthier.


Get research on how urban trees and greenery improve street safety, calm drivers, and reduce crime.