Don’t Cut National Transportation Enhancements

College Park, MD (September 13, 2011)- National Transportation Enhancements funding is on the chopping block. That is the 10% of all highway projects dedicated to landscaping, trails, historic projects, art and other amenities that go beyond just building roads.

Congress is expected to vote today on an extension of our federal transportation bill, with strong bipartisan support to continue all transportation funding. However, in the Senate, there are plans to eliminate the dedicated set-aside for Transportation Enhancements.
While we understand the goal to cut the budget, we do not support cutting Enhancements. The overall program should be cut, with Enhancements taking the same cut as overall transportation funding.
Please call and email your federal Senators and Representatives. These funds have helped many Alliance for Community Trees member organizations plant trees and landscape public areas along highways and trails. Let your Senator or Representative know that these funds have a huge economic impact and create jobs, and matter to your community.
To find contact information for your elected officials, click here.

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