Energy, Climate, and Water

Shade Trees Conserve Energy

Trees lower temperatures through shade, the cooling effects of which can save millions of energy dollars. Even on a residential level, just 3-4 shade trees located strategically around a house can cut summer cooling costs by 30-50%. Exacerbating the problem, cities are 2-10° F warmer than their rural surroundings. This marked increase in city temperatures is known as the urban heat island effect and it adversely affects health. But it can be mitigated by strategically planted street trees.

The Need for Sustainable Water Resources

Healthy urban forests are key to helping our growing cities and towns support their water resources. A collaborative effort is underway to promote the benefits of using green infrastructure to protect drinking water supplies and public health, mitigate overflows from combined and separate sewers, and reduce storm water pollution. We encourage you to join the effort to move beyond single-purpose projects that do not improve the related problems to one that leverages funds to solve multiple problems and profoundly improve the quality of life of urban residents.

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