Invite your Congressperson on MLK Day

College Park, MD (January 11, 2011)- Many elected officials will return to their home districts for the Martin Luther King, Jr., Day of Service on January 17th. If you are coordinating a service project on MLK Day, invite your delegation to participate. Contact schedulers for your Congressional representatives and alert them to your opportunities for drop-in, participation, and press.

It is important that we regularly contact all of our elected officials to update them on our programs and ask for their loyal support. But before we can ask for their vote, we have to spend some time building a relationship with our leaders.
A new Congress will be sworn-in on January 5th, and the MLK Day of Service on the 17th presents the perfect opportunity to connect with your elected leaders early in the year. When your legislators make a site visit and engage in service, you get a chance to explain how federal funds for community greening projects are essential and how they are making a critical difference in your district.
ACT strongly encourages you to invite your congressional delegation to participate in your MLK Day service projects. Most legislators will be working in their states and districts on this federal holiday, and they will be looking for service opportunities. They may want to serve along with their families.
The 112th Congress has a large freshman class with at least 13 new senators and 93 new representatives. Invite these new legislators to serve, show them that your program is having measureable impact, and explain how it is cost effective investment. Your elected leaders will want to support programs that are making a difference locally.
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