Public Policy

While “going green” has long been associated with protecting the environment, we believe it should be even more relevant to people’s every day lives. Clean, sustainable, and livable communities go hand-in-hand with economic growth. Urban forestry is an innovative ways to go green and make investments that will ultimately save dollars and resources. For many cities and communities green infrastructure is integral to addressing short- and long-term economic challenges.

These efforts come in many forms such as shading buildings for energy efficiency, planning how loss of green infrastructure will affect stormwater, revitalizing parks and public spaces, landscaping neighborhood gateways and key corridors, constructing green roofs, and creating safe and healthy places where kids play. Collectively, these green infrastructure investments make neighborhoods healthier by improving air quality and lowering surface temperatures, increasing property values and tax bases, and helping municipalities effectively manage stormwater runoff.

One of ACT’s four goals is to shape better public policy that protects, enhances, and sustains trees for the benefit of people and communities. As such, ACT engages on the following issues:

  • Energy, Climate, and Water
  • Healthy Communities
  • Revitalization & Green Jobs
  • Transportation & Infrastructure

To find out more about how you can help, please contact Jared Liu, Director of Programs.