Revitalization and Green Jobs

In Healthy Cities, Jobs Are Green

Imagine a future where economic prosperity is driven by environmental transformation and where businesses providing environmentally-friendly products and services are the fastest growing segment of the economy. The green industry is a $40 billion market and increasing quickly. Developing a workforce to keep pace is becoming more critical to our economy every day. Particularly, the partnership between urban youth and trees diversifies the green industry’s work force and makes green areas more accessible to urban communities.

Green Jobs…

  • Are good, family-supporting jobs.
  • Contribute to enhancing environmental quality.
  • Are part of a vibrant local business sector.

Green Affordable Housing

By helping families and individuals secure dependable, healthy, affordable housing, we increase their chances of success in all areas of their lives. Part of that equation calls on developers and city planners to go beyond just addressing the affordability issue to include a focus on health and environmental impacts. Housing and retail should be built in a sustainable manner that also allows for immediate operating efficiencies to keep the buildings affordable over the long-term.

Smart Growth communities…

  • Create a range of green housing choices.
  • Mix land uses and are walkable.
  • Encourage community and stakeholder collaboration.
  • Foster a strong sense of place.
  • Are cost effective.