Transportation and Infrastructure

Greener Streets are Safer Streets

Trees and landscape features are often perceived by transportation officials as a safety risk. However, evidence from national and local studies reveal that the inclusion of trees and other streetscape features may actually reduce crashes and injuries on roadways.

Tree-lined Streets…

  • Are safer.
  • Cost less to maintain.
  • Reduce traffic congestion.
  • Mitigate air and noise pollution.

In Healthier Cities, Business Districts are Green

City streets and sidewalks are framed by green spaces filled with trees. Shoppers, diners and pedestrians abound, drawn by the shelter, shade, and beauty of the tree canopy. These green elements cool and buffer pedestrian and outdoor seating areas from the traffic and noise of the street. There are green views from building windows and rooftop gardens. And inside businesses, retail activity and sales improve.

Green business districts…

  • Are attractive, pedestrian-oriented retail environments.
  • Make shoppers and diners feel more comfortable.
  • Create a unique sense of place that is a destination.
  • Increase the value of properties and businesses.