ACTrees Day

SAVE THE DATE! ACTrees Day 2014 is scheduled for November 4th in Charlotte, NC. Don’t miss it.

ACTrees Day is the annual meeting of the Alliance for Community Trees national members network held one day each November in conjunction with the Partners in Community Forestry Conference. In 2014 the Partners Conference will be held November 5–6 in Charlotte, NC.

It’s the premier opportunity to learn from and share with colleagues from across the country, including other ACTrees members, partners, and tree friends. Together, we’re building a national network of community tree organizations that are strong, knowledgeable, and moving toward shared goals for urban forests.

Take a look at our wrap-up, including downloadable presentations, from ACTrees Day 2013 in Pittsburgh, PA on November 5th.

I think it really is the #1 conference in the year for what we do, and I always come back to work really energized and inspired.

- Norah Kates, Green Cities Project Coordinator, Forterra

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