20th Congress for the New Urbanism

May 9-12, 2012
West Palm Beach, FL

As practitioners, associates and friends of New Urbanism gather on Florida’s Gold Coast for our 20th Congress, we find a New World of challenges and opportunities before us. This conference will provide an opportunity to help us confront these challenges and share interdisciplinary strategies to help us navigate through the storms. As in the past, the Congress is the ultimate venue for defining problem-solving solutions, using existing and emerging New Urbanist principles.

The challenges of the 21st Century engage CNU in its core mission of excellence in urban design, urban reinvestment, and town planning, by generating new ideas about development, implementation, education, coding, sustainability, and problem-solving using New Urbanist principles. CNU 20 will focus on how New Urbanist practices, principles, and applications can fill this void and advance high quality urbanism through a more incremental, attainable, “small is beautiful” approach.

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