Aging in America

March 26, 2008
Washington, DC
Every 7 seconds someone in America turns 50. The number of people over age 65 has grown tenfold since the turn of the last century. Urban forestry organizers know that tree survival depends on a neighborhood leader stepping up and taking charge, and often that someone is a longtime neighborhood resident. Come and discover the answers, the experts, the research, the best practices, and the most comprehensive educational offerings available for professionals in aging and healthcare.

Because 2008 is an election year, there is no better time for this collective message to be heard in Washington regarding the critical issues in aging. There will be a Capitol Hill Day on March 26, when the group will meet key influencers. From Capitol Hill Day to the four-day conference itself, you’ll be part of an inclusive forum for dialogue, debate and the sharing of knowledge among professionals in the aging field, with other leaders and key influencers in Washington, DC, working to meet the needs of the older adults we are dedicated to serving, we do so knowing the pressure to be the best never ends- and that the demands stretch our hearts and our minds.
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