American Planning Association 2008 Conference

April 27-29, 2008
Las Vegas, NV
At the American Planning Association’s National Planning Conference you can pick and choose from hundreds of sessions, workshops, and mobile workshops to build your own conference. Use APA’s online schedule builder to customize your conference. Or choose one of APA’s suggested schedules.

With APA’s online schedule builder, you can create your own conference. Search through all the conference activities to find those that interest you most. Create multiple schedules to weigh your options and save schedules for later. Then, when you’ve made your final selections, use your customized schedule to register for the conference.
New planners will benefit from skill-building sessions, GIS instruction, tips on working with commissions, and AICP exam preparation. Your veteran planners can take advantage of advanced training, information on trends to watch, and opportunities to earn credits to maintain their AICP certification. The whole staff will get updates on current issues such as green planning and planning and public health.
New commissioners will benefit from workshops that introduce them to the roles and responsibilities of the commission. Those who’ve been around a while will want to attend sessions on running efficient meetings or dealing with hostile audiences. There is also a workshop on variances, special uses, and board of adjustment procedures.
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