Bare Root Tree Training and Planting

November 12-15, 2008
Wilmington, DE
The Delaware Center for Horticulture is sponsoring a bare root tree training session on November 12 at 5pm at their offices, and a Fall Volunteer Bare Root Tree Planting on either November 14 or 15 (depending on the as yet undetermined location).

As the bare root method is still in somewhat of an experimental phase, these trees do not come with a guarantee. So it is even more important to properly plant them and learn first-year care practices to ensure their survival. For the evening training, pizza will be served. Pre-registration is required.
On November 14 or 15, Delaware Center for Horticulture will be leading a group of volunteers in planting trees to beautify the city and clean the air. It is always a very fun event. Lunch will be served. Pre-registration is required.
For more information, visit the Delaware Center for Horticulture.