California Urban Forest Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols

March 12, 2008
National Webcast
This webcast will introduce the draft version of the California Urban Forest Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols. The session will include a 30 minute introduction to the protocols and time for questions, answers, and comments. The webcast is at 1pm EST.

To join the webcast, you’ll need to do two things:
(1) Phone in to the conference call.
Number: 800-857-0373
Passcode: 17182
Leader’s name: McPherson
(2) Log in to the webcast.
Passcode: carbon
Following the webcast, stakeholders and expert reviewers will be sent the draft protocols and invited to participate in follow-up conference calls April 15 and 17. Written comments will be requested by April 11.
For more information, see Urban Forests and Climate Change Greenhouse Gas Reporting Protocols Summary.