CommunityMatters 2007

October 23-25, 2007
Burlington, VT
CommunityMatters07 is the next annual gathering of the Orton Family Foundation and PlaceMatters, where a national network of practitioners comes together to learn, share, inspire, and seed innovation in place, collectively elevating the art and science of planning for vibrant, sustainable communities. This conference will highlight the best tools, strategies, processes, and success stories for land use planning and engagement in the 21st century, while also providing opportunities to explore planning cases in and around Burlington.

Building on the success of the PlaceMatters06 conference held last year in Denver, CommunityMatters07 will be coming to Burlington for a three-day event that will showcase planning technologies and methods, foster discussions and collaboration among citizens and professionals, and improve the way communities make decisions about their futures. CommunityMatters07 seeks to support and expand an emerging network of place-based innovators while focusing on challenges particular, but not unique, to the Northeast.
CommunityMatters07 is designed to help those on the front lines of planning challenges across the country- citizen volunteers, elected officials, local planners, non-profit staff members, researchers, and consultants, in particular in small cities and towns. The conference strives not only to connect people at the event, but to create networks of support that will exist long after the last plane has left Burlington. Whether you are an expert planner or just beginning to consider land use issues, whether you have a success story to share or need to find solutions, CommunityMatters07 will help you to identify people, tools, processes, and examples to improve the health and vitality of your hometown.
You should come to Vermont in October if you want to:
* Hear about the successes (and failures) of others working on the front lines of land use planning, and join an expanding learning network of innovative peers.
* Discover new ways to help your community identify, protect and enhance its unique character, or heart and soul.
* Learn how to effectively integrate planning tools with public processes to improve decision-making in your community.
* Showcase and receive quality feedback on innovative planning tools, applications, and techniques.
* Discuss and develop solutions to the land use challenges facing many of our regions, and how they might apply to your town or city.
For more information, visit CommunityMatters07.