Congress for the New Urbanism Conference XVI

April 3-6, 2008
Austin, TX
How do we make New Urbanism flourish in the suburbs and boomtowns of high-growth America? How can regions preserve their local character and environment while creating vital new and renewed communities? From new rail systems to infill transit-oriented development to the downtown high-rise boom, Austin is the place to see how New Urbanism is making a difference on the front lines of American growth.

The annual Congress for the New Urbanism isa forum dedicated to advancing urbanism and promoting alternatives to sprawl. New Urbanism is an urban design and development movement dedicated to implementing community-oriented principles of traditional town and city planning in contrast to the prevailing system of formless sprawl. New Urbanist developments are walkable, provide a diverse range of housing options, encourage a rich mix of uses, and provide welcoming public spaces as detailed in the Charter of the New Urbanism.
New Urbanism is an interdisciplinary movement, welcoming developers, architects, landscape architects, town planners, urban designers, engineers, environmental consultants, housing specialists, real estate brokers, regulators, real estate financiers and government officials. Students, community activists and interested members of the public are also encouraged to attend.
For more information, visit Congress for the New Urbanism.