Developing and Using Urban Forest Management Plans

August 20, 2008
Wilmington, DE
Developing an urban forest management plan is considered an important step in fostering a sustainable urban forestry program. However, it appears the majority of communities do not have current or useable plans in place. The USDA Forest Service Northeastern Area, state Urban and Community Forestry Programs, and the Arbor Day Foundation invite you to attend these webcasts & workshops on developing and using Urban Forest Management Plans.

Workshop Topic Outline
* Welcome
* Initiating the Process
* Analysis of Resources: Policies, Budget, and Infrastructure
* Your Community: Putting the Homework Assignment to Work* Defining Goals and Objectives
* Panel: What other Municipal Departments Look for in a Management Plan
* The Applied Use of a Management Plan
* Management Plan Development Strategy
* Resources for Developing Management Plans
All workshop participants are required to participate in these three webcasts:
July 17, 2008- The Importance of an Urban Forestry Management Plan
August 14, 2008- Using Tree Inventories and Other Information as Part of the Planning Process
October 16, 2008- Examples of Urban Forestry Management Plans and Challenges in Implementation
These sessions are for: city foresters/arborists, consulting foresters and arborists, DPW, Parks, Planning and other municipal staff, state urban and community forestry coordinators and other staff, and nonprofit leaders.
For more information, visit Developing and Using Urban Forest Management Plans.