Forging Civic Partnerships for Comprehensive Change

September 5, 2007
Washington, DC
All CCIs accorded great weight to partnership formation in neighborhoods, and some extended this emphasis to the broader systems within which community-based organizations (and intermediaries) work. How can partnerships help lead agencies mobilize assets of other organizations, without becoming encumbered by process? How can the extra financial costs of partnerships be supported? How does formation of systems-level partnerships support those happening within neighborhoods, and vice versa?

This lecture will be presented, 2:00-3:30pm EST, at the Forest Service Headquarters in the Yates Building (Arts and Industry, red brick with clock tower) located on the corner of 14th and Independence Avenue. The closest metro is the Smithsonian (12th and Independence).
To attend, RSVP to:
Susan Mockenhaupt
National Program Manager
Urban & Community Forestry Program
USDA Forest Service
201 14th Street, S.W.
Mail Stop 1151
Washington DC 20250
P: 202-205-1007
F: 202-690-5792