Greater & Greener: Re-imagining Parks for 21st Century Cities

July 14-17, 2012
New York, NY

With more than 100 events, workshops and park tours led by city park planners, designers and visionaries, you’ll get the chance to go behind the scenes at some of the nation’s most creative parks solutions and learn from real-life case studies what works and what doesn’t. We get you out and about with mobile workshops, volunteer day, weekend tours, and receptions in great parks.

Conference Highlights:
* City, State and Federal Water Pollution Programs for Parks
* Revitalizing Downtowns with Parks
* Schoolyard Parks: Physical Activity Before, Between and After the Bells
* An Emblem of the Times: Public Private Partnerships
* Trails and Railroads
* Rethinking the Playground

Featured Offerings:
* Playing on the Roof Can Be Fun and Safe: Heritage Park and Yankee Stadium
* Ultimate Urban Rooftop Design: Riverbank State Park
* About the Harbor: Jamaica Bay in Depth
* Central Park: North End Tour

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Greater & Greener: Re-imagining Parks for 21st Century Cities