Green Jobs Now! A Day to Build the New Economy

September 27, 2008
On this Saturday, one day after the first Presidential Debate, join Green For All, 1Sky, and tens of thousands of Americans for: Green Jobs Now! A Day to Build the New Economy. From the streets of Los Angeles to the hills of Appalachia, people from all walks of life will organize events large and small to demonstrate to Congress, to the next President, and to the nation that we are ready to build an inclusive green economy strong enough to lift people out of poverty and solve the climate crisis.

It is a simple message:
“I’m ready to build the green economy.”
It is youth saying, “I’m ready to be trained in solar panel installation.”
It is entrepreneurs saying, “I’m ready to green my business.”
It is activists saying, “I’m ready to stand up for working families AND the environment.”
It is tens of thousands of ordinary Americans asserting, “I’m ready for an economy that is good for people and the planet.”
For more information, visit Green Jobs Now.