Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative First Annual Gathering

September 25-28, 2008
Milwaukee, WI
This conference aims to give you the physical and spiritual tools, material, and non-material resources that you need to elevate your work to another level. Creative, passionate affinity sessions that will inspire and engage others. You don’t have to be directly involved in sustainable agriculture or food security work to participate in the network. There will also be opportunities for open space sessions for impromptu workshops and meetings.

The conference theme is focused on Dismantling Racism in the food system with topics including:
* Social justice campaigns and parallel movement presentations
* Immigrant farmer and migrant worker justice
* Dismantling Racism in the media
* Building community operated food systems using anti-racism principles
* Health disparities among ethnic and economic groups* Youth and multi-generational approaches to food and justice
* Urban agriculture as a tool for dismantling racism
* Economic development
* Strategies for developing people of color leadership
* Dismantling Racism training
Only interactive and participatory proposals will be accepted. Presentations that build leadership skills, facilitate the development of anti-racism strategies and are innovative will be given top priority. Workshops and Affinity sessions are for 2 hour slots and can last for more than 1 session, (ex. part 1 Friday 1pm-3pm and part 2 Saturday 1pm- 3pm).
Submission of proposals:
Presenters will have registration fee waived, but will be asked to pay membership dues ($15.00) and will be eligible to apply for travel/lodging scholarships if funds become available. Submit proposals to Diane Dodge. Proposal Period: March 7 – April 5, 2008
For more information, visit Growing Food and Justice for All Initiative.