Healthier Landscaping Solutions for Your Community

September 8, 2007
Baltimore, MD
Did you know that native plants can provide solutions for many environmental problems in urban and suburban settings? You can help to improve the health of your local waterways and conserve native plants right at home and throughout your community- even if you don’t have a yard.

Presented by the Audubon Society of Maryland-DC and partners Baltimore Harbor Watershed Association, Herring Run Watershed Association, Jones Falls Watershed Association, Gwynn’s Falls Watershed Association, Friends of Patterson Park, and Baltimore City Recreation & Parks/ Tree Baltimore, this Audubon At Home Workshop will take place at the Enoch Pratt Free Library’s Southeast Anchor Library, located at 3601 Eastern Avenue, Baltimore, MD, from 10am to 4:30pm.
This workshop will present project examples, techniques, and tools for encouraging environmentally friendly practices where you live, work, learn, and play – from rain barrels to green roofs, native wildflower gardens to street trees … or a wetland planting or streambank stabilization project in a local park. You will take home the information and inspiration to get your community members involved in helping to clean up your air and water, provide wildlife habitat, and make your neighborhood a greener, healthier, more livable human environment.
Who should attend
This workshop aims primarily to train educators and group leaders to work with others to promote, encourage, and facilitate on-the-ground actions for environmental benefit. This is for you if you serve in any sort of role as an “educator” – classroom teacher, non-formal/ outdoor educator, community leader/ active member of a citizen action group, etc. – and are or will be working regularly with other individuals and groups to carry out environmental activities. The workshop will provide information, guidance, and contacts to aid you in ultimately engaging citizens in these beneficial environmental actions. Presentations will also be appropriate for individual citizens looking to learn more about what they can do to help the environment individually, and to share with their neighbors for a greater positive result!
Following the workshop, participants will be asked to report on their actions to engage others in environmental learning projects (conducting additional workshops, outdoor education activities, community or watershed action projects such as plantings, etc.).
The workshop is free and open on a first come- first served basis, limit 50 participants. Pre-registration is strongly encouraged to ensure that you have a seat, that your interests will be accommodated, and for a chance to win one of several helpful tools such as a rain barrel kit, tree seedlings, or educators’ guides. Lunch and refreshments are provided.
For more information or to register, visit the Audubon Society of Maryland-DC.