International Conference on Stormwater & Urban Water Systems Modeling

February 19-20, 2010
Toronto, ON
The annual International Conference on Stormwater and Urban Water Systems Modeling is a forum for professionals from across North America and overseas to exchange ideas and experience on current practices and emerging technologies. This forum is for engineers, scientists, modelers, and administrators involved in water pollution control and water systems design and analysis. Topics include hydrology, hydraulics, water quality and receiving waters, from precipitation processes, runoff, pollutant build-up, washoff, surcharging pipe networks, and water distribution systems, to pollutant removal and impacts on aquatic ecosystems.

The conference is multi-disciplinary and is designed for all who have a direct stake in stormwater management, non-point source pollution or the modeling of urban water systems. Attendees include: civil and environmental engineers; landscape engineers and architects; aquatic biologists, ecologists, fluvial geomorphologists and other scientists; urban geographers, and policy makers; professionals from municipal and government engineering; public works personnel; consultants; and instructors and researchers at universities and research institutes.
The basic fee for the two day conference is C$295+ C$14.75 GST. Full-time student fees are C$195.00 + C$9.75 GST. Early-bird and multiple-registration discounts may apply. These fees include the 2008 conference proceedings (ca. 500pp, hard-cover), continental breakfast, coffee and beverages.
Call for papers
While the atmosphere is relaxed, presentations are of a high standard, because attendance is large and discussion lively because there are no parallel sessions. By accepting papers up to the last few weeks before the event, a spontaneity is achieved which gives this conference special character. Acceptance will be intimated promptly, and format requirements mailed to the authors. The final paper is due at the conference, or for late abstract submissions, March 31, 2009.
Papers should emphasize one or more of the following topics:
* Using state-of-the-art computer models to resolve real pollution problems and for eco-restoration
* Surface water quality modeling
* Modeling impacts on aquatic systems and habitats
* Stormwater and pollution management modeling
* Urban water systems modeling
* Urban drainage system design and analysis
* Wetlands and BMPs and LIDs
* Field data monitoring and emerging instrumentation
* Geographic information systems
* Decision analysis systems
* Facilities management systems
* Computer aided design
* Policy, legislation, permitting, and enforcement
One-page abstracts of proposed papers should be sent by January 9, 2009 to:
Dr. Bill James
Computational Hydraulics Int.
147 Wyndham Street N., Suite 202
Guelph, Ontario, N1H 4E9
For more information, visit the International Conference on Stormwater & Urban Water Systems Modeling.