It Takes a Village: Caring for the Urban Forest

October 22, 2007
Boston, MA
Trees have to be tough to survive in an urban environment. Typically growing in narrow strips of ground to tolerate road salt, compaction, car fenders, and repeated visits from dogs. To be successful in expanding the urban forest, we’ll need to utilize best practices and make critical decisions about tree selection, soil preparation, and aftercare. Nina Bassuk, Professor and Program Leader, Urban Horticulture Institute at Cornell University and_Co-author of Trees in the Urban Landscape will speak about soils, siting, and planting techniques for newly planted trees and address the bigger issue- sustaining the urban forest.

The Arnold Arboretum of Harvard University, in partnership with Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition, presents a series of lectures to help make the greening efforts informed, strategic, and, as a result, successful. This series of lectures supports the work of the City of Boston and its partners in Boston’s Urban Forest Coalition in the effort to plant and care for 100,000 new trees to be planted by 2020.
The session will be 6:30- 8:30pm at Franklin Park Golf Clubhouse. Lectures are free, but advanced registration is requested. Please call 617-524-1718, x160 to register. Be a partner in the greening of Boston. Learn what you can do for the health of our neighborhood trees.
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