Marketing & Communications- Part III: Building & Positioning Your Brand

December 18, 2008
National Webcast
A brand is a mixture of attributes, tangible and intangible, symbolized in a trademark, which, if managed properly, creates value and influence. Marketing a brand is not a new brochure, a printing budget, direct mail, or a catchy slogan. It is an important strategy to help community groups define their value and services in the marketplace. Pretty brochures, zippy websites, and catchy slogans can be effective, but only when part of a coordinated marketing effort. After all, the goal of marketing your urban forestry program is to achieve real results.

Downloadable Resources:
Marketing and Communications Resource List
Community Tree Leadership Forum- Marketing & Urban Forestry Manual
Part I- Marketing 101
Part II- Strategy and Public Relations
Part IV- Advertising and Promoting Tree Events
Laurie Kaufman, Director of Communications, TreePeople (Los Angeles, CA)
Laurie Kaufman manages TreePeople’s media, publications, public relations and website activities. She has over 10 years experience working with nonprofit organizations in areas including community self-reliance, sustainable development, organic farming, homelessness, youth-at-risk, and children of incarcerated parents. Laurie has taught tree planting and organic gardening to youth and senior citizens in California and Hawaii’s Big Island. She has written for the Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists, the Daily Breeze, Southern Sierran, Santa Monica Mirror and Resurgence magazine. She is currently producing a series of videos about TreePeople and worked on the 1995 award-winning video “Hawaii in Transition: Vision for A Sustainable Future.”
Constance Crawford, Outreach Services Director, Sacramento Tree Foundation (Sacramento, CA)
The Sacramento Tree Foundation is a nonprofit 501c3 organization dedicated to building the best urban forest for the Sacramento region. Their vision is guided by a dynamic and dedicated Board of Directors and a full time staff of roughly 35 mission-driven individuals. For over 25 years they’ve been building partnerships and empowering communities to envision the best places to live and invest in their urban forest. They do this by educating, advocating, and lending support for tree plantings.
Brown Bag attendees will learn:
* What having a brand can do for you.
* Handling positive and negative sentiment in the public marketplace.
* Strategies for strengthening name recognition.
About the Brown Bag Lunch Series
The Brown Bag Lunch Series is the Alliance for Community Trees’ monthly webcast series held at the lunch hour and made possible through support from The Home Depot Foundation and USDA Forest Service. The goal is to create informal training opportunities for local urban and community forestry organizations. The content is geared to mainly serve the needs of volunteer organizations and community groups, although webcasts are open to all.
The trainings leverage local successes by amplifying to a larger audience the model organizations’ methods, materials, and approaches. Sessions are planned to last no more than one hour, with two presenters speaking on the same topic from slightly different perspectives, each for 10-15 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and answers.
CEU Approved: 1 Hour