Marketing & Communications- Part IV: Advertising & Promoting Tree Events

January 15, 2009
National Webcast
All nonprofits operate in a very competitive marketplace. Urban forestry groups face competition from other tree, park, and conservation causes, but there is far greater competition from other sources. The most staggering competition you face is from the nearly 1,500 advertising messages bombarding the average adult daily. Urban forestry groups face very specific challenges in getting public recognition: the use of jargon-heavy technical language, limited budgets, and the reality that less than 7% of all donated dollars are contributed to environmental causes. Marketing can be a blueprint for recruiting volunteers interested in the environment. It can increase media coverage for your tree-planting events or let people know how urban forestry helps us every day.

Downloadable Resources:
Marketing and Communications Resource List
Community Tree Leadership Forum- Marketing & Urban Forestry Manual
Part I- Marketing 101
Part II- Strategy and Public Relations
Part III- Building and Positioning Your Brand
Laurie Kaufman, Director of Communications, TreePeople (Los Angeles, CA)
Laurie Kaufman manages TreePeople’s media, publications, public relations and website activities. She has over 10 years experience working with nonprofit organizations in areas including community self-reliance, sustainable development, organic farming, homelessness, youth-at-risk, and children of incarcerated parents. Laurie has taught tree planting and organic gardening to youth and senior citizens in California and Hawaii’s Big Island. She has written for the Journal of the Society of Municipal Arborists, the Daily Breeze, Southern Sierran, Santa Monica Mirror and Resurgence magazine. She is currently producing a series of videos about TreePeople and worked on the 1995 award-winning video “Hawaii in Transition: Vision for A Sustainable Future.”
Jean DuBose, Director of Development & Promotions, Parks & People (Baltimore, MD)
Jean DuBose serves as the Director of Development & Promotions for the Parks & People Foundation, a nonprofit organization in Baltimore, MD that is dedicated to supporting a wide range of recreational and educational opportunities, creating and sustaining healthy and lively parks, and promoting a healthy, natural environment for Baltimore. With the Parks & People Foundation, Ms. DuBose oversees the fundraising, promotions, and special event programs of the Foundation which currently operates 16 programs and initiatives with a $4 million annual budget. Prior to joining the Parks & People Foundation Ms. DuBose worked in the nonprofit housing community in Baltimore creating and promoting financial literacy education programs and organizing communities around issues relating to healthy communities. Ms. DuBose earned a BA degree in International Relations from Washington College.
Brown Bag attendees will learn:
* Designing ads and broadcast copy.
* Sell the sizzle, not the steak.
* Attract public attention through paid announcements.
* Reach out through direct mail, newspaper ads, commercials, fliers.
* Strategies for ad placement.
* Maintaining an advertising calendar.
About the Brown Bag Lunch Series
The Brown Bag Lunch Series is the Alliance for Community Trees’ monthly webcast series held at the lunch hour and made possible through support from The Home Depot Foundation and USDA Forest Service. The goal is to create informal training opportunities for local urban and community forestry organizations. The content is geared to mainly serve the needs of volunteer organizations and community groups, although webcasts are open to all.
The trainings leverage local successes by amplifying to a larger audience the model organizations’ methods, materials, and approaches. Sessions are planned to last no more than one hour, with two presenters speaking on the same topic from slightly different perspectives, each for 10-15 minutes, followed by 10-15 minutes of questions and answers.
CEU Approved: 1 Hour