National Conference on Volunteering and Service

June 2-3, 2008
Atlanta, GA
The National Conference on Volunteering and Service convened by Points of Light & Hands On Network and the Corporation for National and Community Service, and some 4,000 attendees are expected this year.

Workshops include:
* Maximize Innovative Free Technology to Support Your Nonprofit’s Operations. Learn simple steps you can take today to understand how your organization can use innovative tools to work more effectively and build your community. Hear from Google,, MySpace, and VolunteerMatch’s Robert Rosenthal on the exciting free services available to nonprofits.
* Senior Corps: Making the Most Out of Your VolunteerMatch Account. You have the tools at your fingertips but may not realize how best to use them! Learn from VolunteerMatch’s Jennifer Bennett and Vicky Hush how to manage your VolunteerMatch account, post exciting volunteer opportunities, and run reports on volunteer recruits.
* What To Do When It Rains Volunteers. With Habitat for Humanity and American Red Cross, VolunteerMatch’s Sarah Christian will discuss what organizations can do when 600, 6,000 or even a million spontaneous volunteers and hundreds of potential partners start calling, emailing or knocking on your door during a large scale or catastrophic disaster.
* More Than Just Money: Expand Your Corporate Community with Consumers Through Volunteering and Service. Research shows that over 70% of consumers purchase a particular brand because of that brand’s support for a cause they believe in. VolunteerMatch’s Jen Kim Field will moderate a conversion with our cause clients CMT, HGTV, and Rebuilding Together on the results of their volunteer-related campaign.
To register, visit National Conference on Volunteering and Service.