Nonprofit Congress 2008

June 1-4, 2008
Washington, DC
Over 800 nonprofit professionals like you will join together for four days of celebration, learning, and action. Nonprofit Congress 2008- Convene, Connect, Commit- is designed to build on and celebrate the accomplishments of nonprofits across the country that are committed to positive change for our sector and our communities.

The 2008 national meeting will be structured to:
* Follow-up on progress made in addressing the top priorities, including celebrating successes and recognizing innovative and effective projects
* Inspire and further solidify a sense of unity and collective purpose among nonprofits across mission-area, geography, and size
* Develop the capacity of attendees to address the top priorities, including cross-fertilization of ideas and skill-building educational sessions
* Allow attendees to grow and strengthen their networks
* Build relationships with and inform Congressional offices through Lobby Day
Who Should Attend
This conference is designed for all those who are involved in or care about the future role of the nonprofit sector. Attendees will be from every state and subsector, large organizations, small organizations, emerging leaders, seasoned professionals, executives, program staff, board members, funders, and volunteers.
For more information, visit Nonprofit Congress 2008.