Pacific Northwest i-Tree Eco Workshop

May 24-25, 2010
Seattle, WA
i-Tree Eco is a detailed environmental services benefits model designed to quantify the structure, environmental effects, and value of trees in urban and wildland-urban ecosystems. The results from an i-Tree Eco project can be used by natural resource managers and municipal planners for making effective resource management decisions, to develop policies, and set priorities.

This two-day workshop is designed for urban and interface foresters, natural resource managers and consultants, and state or federal extension personnel who have the capacity to train others or will provide this service to their customers as a comprehensive forestry assessment.
This workshop will teach you 1) how to set up an i-Tree Eco project step-by-step, 2) introduce how sampling is done across a study site, 3) the data collection methodology, or how to set up a plot and how and what data to collect, 4) how to enter data into the i-Tree Eco database, and 5) how to interpret and use the reports that the application generates.
Location: Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave, Downtown Seattle
Cost: $235 (includes lunch, snacks, and drinks)
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