Park(ing) Day

September 19, 2008
On this Friday, organizations around the country will temporarily turn a parking spaces in downtown areas into a green space (or parks) with grass, trees, a park bench and people. This is a project of Rebar, sponsored in part with Trust for Public Land. It is an opportunity to reclaim a public parking space (for a few hours) to illustrate the importance of green spaces (trees, grass and other plants) in our cities and communities. Our cities continue to make more room for parking cars while funds spent on trees and parks declines.

Park(ing) Day is a one-day-phenomenon started in San Francisco that is now spreading both nationally and internationally. For a collective of artists, activists, businesses, and citizens, Park(ing) Day provides a unique opportunity for people to collaborate, not compete, to transform parking spaces around the city into temporary active or passive ‘green’ spaces. The goal is to showcase the possibilities for reducing pollution and land development impacts from automobile use.
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