Partnerships Personified: Success of a 360-Degree Leader

July 25, 2007
National Webcast
“Leadership is influence, not position,” writes the venerable John Maxwell. “One may be in a position of authority but this doesn’t make them a leader.” Likewise, those in positions of less authority can be powerfully influential- leading upward, across, and downward within their organizations and across community systems. Learn how Johnson successfully used her 360 degree leadership skills to build and leverage the powerful relationships that are bringing her neighborhood into a global marketplace.

This session will take place 2:00-3:30pm, EST.
Vicki Johnson, Executive Director of Fairfax Renaissance Development Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio. When Vicki Johnson successfully partnered with the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic in a landmark project for her CDC to develop, own, and manage an international research facility, she had no idea that she embodied the principles of a 360-degree leader. “Putting together the $60 million dollar grant application took months,” she explained, “but building the relationship took more than ten years.”
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