Regional Equity ’08

March 5-7, 2008
New Orleans, LA
Regional growth and development patterns have profound implications for how we live. They determine whether we live near quality jobs that allow us to support our families; whether we live in healthy communities with access to public transit and quality-of-life amenities; and whether our communities are plagued with poor air and water quality, deteriorating schools, and inadequately maintained roads and bridges.

Regional Equity 08 will offer participants a venue for in-depth exploration of the groundbreaking achievements, innovative strategies, and lasting policies that connect low-income/low-wealth communities to resources and opportunity. In New Orleans, the conference will build on the issues that were framed at the Philadelphia Summit in May 2005.
Join a diverse mix of leaders and advocates from the nonprofit, public policy, philanthropy, government, business, and academic sectors- all of whom share a commitment to the belief that everyone should have the opportunity to participate and prosper in society. This year’s agenda is on realizing a future worthy of our commitment to economic, environmental, and social justice.
This is an important moment for those working to advance regional equity. In recent years, resourceful, visionary community leaders have achieved impressive gains in stabilizing and improving their communities through regional analysis and action. Whether negotiating for community benefits in commercial development projects, successfully advocating for the needs of low-income people, or advancing campaigns to reverse the unhealthy conditions in low-income neighborhoods, these successes hold great promise. In response to this progress, and with recognition of the need to advance regional equity issues nationally, advocates will have a venue to celebrate successes, share, learn, and set strategic action and policy priorities for advancing regional equity.
There will be opportunities to take part in issue-based sessions, forums for creating a regional equity movement, skills-building trainings, and a local service day to benefit the people and the state of Louisiana. In formal and informal sessions, you’ll have ample opportunity to translate your understanding of what regional equity looks like on the ground into a nationwide policy agenda for achieving regional equity. There will be on-site opportunities to explore cutting-edge technologies, communications strategies, and advocacy tactics- all guaranteed to send you home with needed tools to craft and advance equity policy agendas!
PolicyLink will also ensure participation and leadership of people of color in the summit through outreach and fundraising for scholarships and support for regional delegations. And in preparation for the event, PolicyLink will draft a framing paper that outlines the key dimensions of a regional equity policy agenda.
Regional Equity 08 promises to be a dynamic two-day conference that addresses our nation’s most pressing issues through evolving discussions and a strategic action-oriented agenda. Free pre- and post-event activities will provide opportunities to engage participants in training institutes and local community outings.
Join PolicyLink and more than 1,500 visionaries to advance policies that make economic and social equity a reality for all. Discover policies that connect low-income/low-wealth communities to opportunity.
For more information, visit Regional Equity ’08.