RMLUI Land Use Conference

March 6-7, 2008
Denver, Colorado
The Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute’s Land Use Conference is one of the region’s largest and most comprehensive land use planning and law events. The annual conference brings together a diverse group of professionals and faculty from across the country for discussion and debate of critical regulatory, environmental, and development issues.

In conjunction with the Regional Institute for Health and Environmental Leadership RMLUI offers in-depth skill-building for public health professionals and advocates on land use planning and community design.
This training will directly address the relationship between public health and active community environments, the history of land use planning and public health, Smart Growth principles for active communities, key elements of the community planning process, and the five strategic points of intervention and collaboration between planning and public health.
In addition, RMLUI has launched a “Sustainable Community Development Code Reform” project. This initiative seeks to bring sustainability to the forefront as a land use issue and understand how local governments can support sustainable communities through innovative land use codes.
The conference’s sub-theme is: Sustaining the Next 100 Million Years. To learn more, visit the Rocky Mountain Land Use Institute.